Eat Play Love

by Roaches Remain

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Chiptune-flavored modern metal

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released September 9, 2012

Lyrics & Music by MJ
Pixel art by Retronator



all rights reserved


Roaches Remain Slovenia

Sex, lies and video-games

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Track Name: Feed
Left behind
Amongst smiles of ivory
Everywhere you look
It's all you can see

Hold on, I'm coming back for you

Over burnt bridges
I'm coming through
Over giant puddles
And over you

Quit screaming, nothing's coming through

Hello cold sweat, hey I'm seeing red
Hello sharp pain, hey I've been bled
Hello friends, hello fiends
Fellow humans, fellow machines

Thank you
For feeding me, feeding me, feeding
So long
You're bringing me, bringing me down
No use
Believing me, leaving me, living free
And bleeding, bleeding, I'm bled dry
Track Name: Hush
Echoing voices from within - deafening
The sound of death, the smell of sin - plug your ears

Portruding limbs and weeping walls - haunting screams
Apparitions roam the halls - seeking peace

Mute the parents, mute the kids
Mute the city, mute the streets
Blissful silence all around
No more echoes, no more... (sound)

Splinters in your mind
And the message is my find
Unspoken words divine
Drink the silence, spill the wine
Track Name: Attack
A painter
Without a brush
Muse is dead and colors dry
Conscript mime
This stage your battlefield

In a time of fear and doubt
I will be there

We're all here
It's our time
We're all thriving in our prime
It's so near
Don't be shy
You can reach it if you try

And when it runs
Then you pursue
And the miles just seem so few
Cause when it's over
You'll look back
As you plan your next attack

Curtains drawn
Masks taken off
Final act has just begun
Keeps you from being you

This is me
Standing in the light
Can you see
Behind the wall

No more tears
Once the music starts
No more fears
When the curtain falls
Track Name: Take the Fall
Well I have been quite idle
And I have been away
But now I'm back and raring
Charge into the fray

And I have sent them running
Yes I watched them bawl
And I am left here waiting
As they take the fall

When everything is forgiven
And nothing is left inside

I'll let you sit by my fire
Just watch that you don't get burned
I'll share with you my desire
Then send you home in an urn

When my freedom's a given
And no one is left to fry

I'll slit your throat just for kicks
And hold you close as you bleed
Cured of your human condition
Drop by drop, bead by bead

Take the Fall
Track Name: Plai!
When the lights have gone out
And the hour is late
And they've all gone away
Now it's time to play

Na na na na na na
Na na na na na na
Na na na na na na
Now it's time to play

It's coming undone without me
It's your choice, don't you see:
- One by one, slaughtered like sheep
- Inherit the world

Through the glass I can see your smile fade

Coming around
Watching your world as it
crumbles to dust in my palm
I'm here to stay
Leaving the ashes and coming
and coming and coming to play

When it's past time for bed
And the cat has been fed
I turn on my display
Now it's time to play
Track Name: Rize
Marginal existence
Always pushed away
In silence I protest
Contempt, greed, unrest

Not happening yet
Not my turn to shine
Not even close
Waiting for a sign

My will is nothing in your world
Still I try to change and it just drives me insane
You push, you force, and you demand
Still I try to fight but it's hard not to remain
Come on, speak up, scream it out
Over the drone of the machine
Your strength, my friends, these words command
Our song, their cries, they fall, we rise

Whispered commands
Never obeyed
Devious plots
Disconnected thoughts

Not happening yet
No more time to play
So many dreams
Running out of time
Track Name: Bring Your War
I guess I'm not alone
I guess you're all here with me
I guess It's all right
As long as I can breathe

Suddenly it doesn't seem so bad
Finally I have been fed
And now I'm ready for some more
Bring it on, bring your war

Hey now
Load your weapons
Right now
Let it rain
Listen now
The bullets whisper
It's the last thought
That goes through your mind

And it's starting to fade and you're failing to grasp
Disappear - fading away
And we're swept off our feet in this torrent and gasp
Gasp for air - fading away
Track Name: Recap and Regroup
Take the long way home - wait outside
Fake sincere smiling frown - scream inside
Take the wrong colored pill
Fall asleep, wake me up, leave me be

Well bred and well fed - stuff your face
Lull the living, wake the dead - from their rest
Close my eyes, still see red
Turn it on, play again, take the fall

When I sigh and I pray
And I hide and I seek
And I find and I keep
Then I lose and I say
Recap and regroup

When I fall and I crawl
And I stand and I walk
And I reach and I miss
Then I lose and I say
Recap and Regroup